To AI or not to AI. It’s not even a question.

To AI or not to AI. It's not even a question. Innovation

The advent of generative AI, such as Chat GPT 3.5 and 4, Bard and others, has taken the world by storm. It’s literally changing our lives. For professionals, it’s a challenge to know when it’s ok to use AI, and when it’s not. Many companies have restricted the use for now until we know more. […]

Waking the Fallen

Between January 2015 and February 2017, I, Erik Ingvoldstad through my (now personal) company Acoustic group wrote a regular blog on digital transformation, marketing, media and strategy. At some point it all got lost, and the blog has been dead for years. Well, as of today, I have brought it back from the dead. I […]

Innovating at the Speed of Life

Most companies are pretty good at developing their products and services to offer new features and new ways to engage the customer. But innovation on a grander level seems to be more complicated, and rarely gets the funding, the manpower and the senior management attention it deserves. Very few are able to change their business […]

Burn, baby, burn!

Hitting the reset button on the ad industry. The self-proclaimed “creative industry” is shaking at its foundation. Everything is changing around them, but the advertising agencies themselves seem to refuse to take any part in the transformation that is going on. Clients are challenging them to be more efficient, more accountable and more creative – […]

Fewer reports, more problem-solving ideas

Many people and companies get a bit uncomfortable with the ideas of management consultants and other business development consultancies. It’s understandable. I mean, most consultants produce reports, not actual solutions. That may have been a great thing in the last millennium, but in the current age, we don’t need just analysis and potential scenarios. We […]

Independence Day

The big consultancies are gathering more and more power. They have quickly branched out from the core business of management consulting, IT consulting, accounting etc., to take on Digital Transformation, customer experience and now even creative communication services. And at first glance, this can sound like a good idea for clients. They can get everything […]

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