Change is not something to fear. It is not something that you can avoid. Nor is it something that happens once or twice. Change is relentless and never-ending. It happens whether we like it or not and the only thing we can do is to embrace it – and take control of it.

In order succeed in the new disrupted markets we all have to deal with, you need to develop your business continously, and use the disruption to your advantage. Be the disruptor before someone disrupts you. To do that, you need to understand the digital culture that surrounds us. Most importantly, you need to understand people and their needs – and then leverage solutions to meet those needs.

“Change is happening every minute of the day. We can't simply just react to change. We have to prepare for it. We have to make it come to life.”


The business models of yesterday are not sustainable. That doesn't mean that everything you do is wrong, or that the future holds less opportunities – quite the contrary. The shift towards the new, digital economy provides ample opportunity for your company to take leadership and create real innovation in your sector, to build on what you have, and to create a prosperous business in both the short and long run. The strategy and the idea that will drive it, has to be unique, relevant and engaging. Or else it will fail.

Acoustic can help you to redefine your business in a way that not only creates new business opportunities, but that will drive stronger connections with the customers over time. Real-life innovation meets real-world implementation.

“Unique challenges call for unique ideas.”


Every business is driven by an idea or a set of ideas. To improve and evolve these ideas, a new and more collaborative model becomes crucial. The ideas can come from anywhere; from strategists and analysts, from creatives and artists, from coders and technologists, from business executives and marketers and from the consumers themselves.

Acoustic is set up in a way that cultivates and harvests ideas at all levels; business ideas, strategic ideas, product ideas, and communication ideas.

“ Only the things we do now, can change the outcome of tomorrow.”
– Niels Bohr, Danish physicist.


We are Acoustic - Singapore

We are a strategic innovation and ideas company that creates, develops and implements solutions that solve real-world problems.

We serve Asia Pacific from our Singapore office.

We have a bespoke servicing and collaboration model, that utilises the right resources at the right time. It's fast, smart and tailor-made to the needs of each individual client.



  • Business
  • Culture
  • Transformation
Acoustic's Infinite Loop strategy model is unique, as it takes a holistic lifespan perspective on your business – beyond your daily activities, your campaigns and your yearly KPIs.


We really just focus on three things: Identifying problems, finding solutions, and implementing those solutions. We use an number of tools and methodologies to achieve that, but the basic framework is simple:
We solve problems.

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • New Product Ideas
  • New Service Ideas
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Service Design
  • Web Design
  • Identity Design
  • Digital Transformation Roadmaps
  • UX/UI
  • Convergence Planning
  • Insights
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Content Development
  • Design Thinking Processes


Acoustic founder and CEO, Erik Ingvoldstad is our our strategic and creative leader. Through his vision, creativity and leadership, companies can take advantage of true business innovation, founded on carefully thought out strategies and inspired creativity that drives innovative ideas.

Erik has decades of experience from agencies, consultancies and startups, delivering strategy, creativity and innovation. He is an experienced public speaker and has guest lectured at prestigious schools, such as National University of Singapore and BI Norwegian School of Management. He holds a Master's Degree in Digital Management from Hyper Island.

Send an email to if you would like to engage Erik for a company or public presentation.


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