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Acoustic is here to help you transform your business. We are an ideas company that works with businesses to develop new products, services, concepts, experiences and digital platforms. We are experts in human-centric innovation, digital transformation and design-led concept development. Prepare to be challenged. Prepare to drive change. Embrace the future. Today.

I et lite, men raskt-voksende konsern som Åpent Bakeri er det viktig for oss å få hjelp fra rådgivere som forstår både oss som organisasjon, det vi driver med og finansmarkedet. Det fant vi i ProCorp.
Erlend Norhus
Da Komplett ASA skulle kjøpe aksjer i Ironstone AS, var det helt naturlig å velge ProCorp som rådgiver. De forstår handelsbransjen svært godt, og styrte prosessen med stødig hånd.
Jaan Ivar Semlitsch
Adm. Dir.
We start with the basics – people and problems. We believe that understanding people and solving problems they may encounter is the key to success for any business
Erik Ingvoldstad
Founder & CEO
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About Acoustic Group

Acoustic is not your typical consultancy or design agency.  We don’t focus on reports and presentation decks – we’d rather come up with real-world solutions that make life easier for your customers. We see ourselves as human-centric problem solvers. We are technology optimists, but we don’t sell any technologies. 

You know your business. You may have been doing it for a very long time. But the world is constantly changing. Your customers’ needs are changing, your employees are changing, and even your board is changing. So, maintaining status quo is not an option if you want your business to grow. 

At Acoustic, we love change. We work with clients to create an environment that drives change and fosters continual innovation. Not for the change itself, of course, but to better prepare for the future and, in the end, to help our clients make more money. 

Our services

Innovation Strategy

Innovation can never happen outside of customer needs – and the organisation’s needs. Too many companies build innovation strategies (and even departments) far away from the people closest to the customer. That’s why our strategy model builds from the ground up – and fosters continual development.

Concept Development

We deliver complete concepts, from needs analysis and user interviews to ideation and product design. We can help your business grow through brand extensions, new product introductions or relaunches. We’ll even help with naming, logo, writing and marketing. To us, your success is our success.

Service Design

Creating new services or rethinking existing ones is crucial to stay competitive, whether traditional or digital services. We go deep into the service needs and develop and test various solutions that will turn any company into a human-centric enterprise.

Humanistic Thinking™

We use our proprietary Humanistic Thinking framework for innovation processes. This framework, developed from traditional Design Thinking, lets us thoroughly capture the needs of future users/customers, ideate, prototype, and implement solutions rapidly and collaboratively.

Digital Design

Digital Design, UX, CX

We design everything from logos and corporate identity to apps and websites. We always take a digital-first approach, ensuring all the visual elements and the user experiences work across all channels, including in-store for retail brands. For our design portfolio, please click here.

CX Review

Cx Review Design Innovation

In our CX Review, we will examine your current Customer Experience (offline and online) and identify challenges and opportunities to create better experiences for your customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Internal reviews tend to favour the work already done (sunk-cost fallacy) rather than truly considering what works best for the people involved.

Erik Ingvoldstad

Founder & CEO

Innovator, designer, entrepreneur, writer, photographer, and strategist are a few things that describe Erik. He learned to code at a young age and has worked in digital for almost his entire career. With a unique understanding of digital culture, technologies and user needs, Erik is perfectly set to lead any discussion around innovation and digital transformation.

Flexible at the core

At Acoustic, we know every project, every client, and every problem is unique. That’s why we assemble client-specific agile teams with broad expertise, including design thinking, innovation, design, tech, strategy, and more.

This allows us to solve general and more industry-specific challenges for our clients – without losing focus on the most critical link in the chain – the end user.

Our approach to projects and clients starts with our Founder and CEO, Erik Ingvoldstad, who is personally involved in every project we manage.

Speaking engagements
and workshops.

Erik Ingvoldstad is an experienced speaker who regularly presents at events and workshops around the world, including in Asia, Australia, Europe and the US. He is well-know for innovative presentations with focus on human-centric innovation and technology.

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