Future is Now. Acoustic 2017 and beyond.

At Acoustic, we’ve always encouraged companies and industries to innovate and change their business model in order to capitalise on the opportunities in a disrupted marketplace.

Today, we can announce that we are taking our own medicine. We are changing our business model, and morphing into a strategic consultancy that focuses on Digital Transformation and Innovation. We still believe that marketing has an important place in the success of a brand, but marketing now encompasses much more than just advertising. And thus, we don’t believe advertising is the best vehicle to lead market innovation. It is part of the arsenal, but the change has to come from within the company, so that the brand can emerge as a vibrant force in the category.

As a catalyst for change, Acoustic can help your business re-evaluate the status quo, explore innovation strategies, create Digital Transformation plans, drive cultural change within the organisation, and help implement the new strategies. The focus is always on creating new business opportunities, connecting with the consumers in a more effective way, and driving innovation culture that gets your business ready for tomorrow.

We do complete innovation processes and strategic development, but we also do Digital Transformation and Innovation Workshops. These workshops are practical and interactive in nature, and allow new ideas to bubble up to the surface, and at the same time ensure that the organisation feels included, empowered and valued in the process. These workshops can be part of a larger undertaking, be run independently or mark the start of a process.

For more information on “Acoustic 2.0”, please go to our revamped website at www.acoustic.group

Erik Ingvoldstad is the Founder & CEO of Acoustic.
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