Category: Services

Innovation can never happen outside of customer needs – and the organisation’s needs. Too many companies build innovation strategies (and even departments) far away from the people closest to the customer. That’s why our strategy model builds from the ground up – and fosters continual development.

We deliver complete concepts, from needs analysis and user interviews to ideation and product design. We can help your business grow through brand extensions, new product introductions or relaunches. We’ll even help with naming, logo, writing and marketing. To us, your success is our success.

Creating new services or rethinking existing ones is crucial to stay competitive, whether traditional or digital services. We go deep into the service needs and develop and test various solutions that will turn any company into a human-centric enterprise.

Acoustic uses Design Thinking as our framework for innovation processes. Design Thinking lets us thoroughly capture the needs of future users/customers, ideate, and prototype solutions in a way where the client team can contribute in a meaningful way.

We design everything from logos and corporate identity to apps and websites. We always take a digital-first approach, ensuring all the visual elements and the user experiences work across all channels, including in-store for retail brands. For our design portfolio, please click here.

We can look at your current Customer Experience (offline and online) and identify challenges and opportunities to create better experiences for your customers, employees and other stakeholders. Internal reviews tend to favour the work already done (sunken cost fallacy) rather than truly looking at what works best for the humans involved. We’re here to help!