What’s in a Name?

Since the opening of the Acoustic office in Singapore, we have been asked “why Acoustic? Why did you choose a name from the music and sound universe?” (Or something to that effect). Most people recognise it as a great name, but are also curious why we chose a name that doesn’t sound like an agency. […]

You speak to millions, but you’re talking to no one*

Through the past 20 years, digital media has played a bigger and bigger role in marketing communication. But for those twenty years, we’ve treated it as something different than everything else. n principle, mass communications is a simple concept; if you have a message that you think a lot of people need to hear, you […]

You Compute Me

Let me start off with a confession: In my entire life, I have never used a dating app or a dating website. Of course, I am now a happily married man, but I have been single in the internet era. Yet, I never saw the appeal in meeting women online. (I did develop a very […]

Will the Real Singapore Please Stand Up?

“How do you like Singapore?”, “Oh it’s nice, love the food, fantastic shopping and I love/hate the weather. But I do think it’s a bit boring.” Sounds familiar? It’s pretty much what most western tourists would say about Singapore if they’re asked. Actually, even quite a few expats would describe Singapore in a similar fashion. […]

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